Tiger Claws

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Product description :-

  • Product Name – Tiger claws, Bagh Nakh
  • Material – Iron
  • Size – 4″ x 8″ inches Plam size
  • Work – Hinged Rectangular Plates
  • Colour – Antique Finish, grey


Bagh nakh, also spelled as baghnakh or vaghnakh, is a traditional weapon from the Indian subcontinent. The name translates to “tiger claw” in Hindi and other regional languages, a reference to the weapon’s design resembling a set of sharp, curved claws, similar to those of a tiger. The weapon consists of a metal frame or bar that fits over the knuckles, with a set of curved blades attached to it. These blades are made of hard steel. The main surface is comprised of seven hinged rectangular plates to ensure a close alignment with the contours of the wearer’s palm. An oversimplified wrist-plate is attached with a swirl bracket to safeguard the wearer’s hand fiercely in place. The curved spike is fitted to the underside of the weapon. so that damage is inflicted upon the wearer’s opponent whether they strike in an upward or downward motion. The blades are designed to tear through flesh and can be used to deliver slashing or stabbing attacks. Historically, the bagh nakh was used by warriors in close combat, often as a concealed weapon. It became particularly famous for its association with Indian martial arts, as well as with historical figures such as Shivaji, a Maratha warrior who is said to have used the bagh nakh in a successful encounter against a Mughal general.

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