Parrot Head Hilt Sword

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  • Product Name – Parrot Head Hilt Sword
  • Material – Iron, wood, leather
  • Size – 38 inches, Length
  • Blade – 30.5 long, width 1.5 inches, Hard Steel
  • Scabbard Fittings – 12 Inches length chape, 5.5 Inches locket
  • Work – Beautiful hand chiselled, Deep Engraved Mughal floral pattern
  • Colour – Antique Finish, Grey


A sword is a bladed weapon with a long, straight or slightly curved metal blade designed for cutting, thrusting, or slashing. It typically features a hilt or handle for gripping, which may include a guard to protect the hand. The blade is single-edged and the total length of the sword is — inches including the hilt, whereas the blade length and breadth are — and — inches. The hilt is made in the shape of a parrot head with a knuckle guard and an intricately engraved with floral pattern, deep cutting & embossed 3D work. The chape(scabbard fittings), locket and the hilt of this sword are made of iron this also  showcasing the beautiful Indian art of floral pattern engraving work and the scabbard is covered with black leather. An engraved sword showcases the skill and artistry of the craftsman. The precise and detailed work involved in engraving requires steady hands and an eye for design. These weapons are often considered works of art. Engraved swords are often custom-made for ceremonial purposes, as gifts, or as collector’s items rather than for combat. However, in the past, engraved swords could serve as symbols of status or rank and were used by nobility or high-ranking officers. An engraved sword combines the functionality of a weapon with the elegance of fine craftsmanship, making it a treasured and admired piece in any collection.

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